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A Short Guide To Cycling In Ireland This Year


If you are focused upon traveling to Ireland this year, you may want to circumvent the entire country. One of the best ways is by biking. This is a common practice when visiting states or countries that are literally islands in the ocean. Ireland is no different. In fact, the popularity of Ireland increases every year. People are enamored by this beautiful location. A multitude of different biking routes have been created over the years. Let’s discuss how to cycle in Ireland, or around it, this year.

Different Biking Routes In Ireland

A wonderful place to visit during the spring and summer months is Ireland. It is located in the northern hemisphere. Although it resides at a higher latitude, equivalent to Canada, it still has excellent weather at this time of year. People that enjoy riding their bikes long distances will have so many different places to go. There are nearly 100,000 km of roads that they can go on. These are divided up into short routes that you can do in a couple of hours to multi-day scenic tours. In fact, many people have stated that this is the best in the entire world.

Why You Should Choose Ireland For Cycling

According to studies, Ireland has more roads than virtually any other country on earth when compared to its size. It has a temperate climate, and that is why between the months of March and September, you can literally ride every day. Modern technology has also made this very easy. GPS routes can be found in a matter of minutes. They even provide you with details in the form of videos and pictures to prepare you for what to expect. So what are some of the best biking routes in Ireland?

Top Cycling Routes In Ireland

If you are hoping to circumvent the entire country, you will need several weeks to do so. You may want to start at the bottom near Cork, or you may want to begin at Londonderry near the top of the island. At each of these locations, you will find bike shops where you can rent bikes for a single day or for several weeks at a time. One of the most popular is the Wild Atlantic which is about 2500 km. If you want something more reasonable, the Kingfisher are very popular. This will take you through some of the most scenic areas of Ireland. At almost 500 km, this will certainly take a few days to complete. Finally, the Blessington Lakes Wicklow Mountains cycle loop is also very pristine. You will be shown areas of Ireland that will harken back to a time hundreds of years ago. These are just a few of the many different biking routes that you may want to consider.

Which One Should You Choose For A Vacation?

Two of the most popular include The Burren and Inishmór. These are absolutely magnificent, each of which averages between 50 km and 150 km. You could easily do one of these in a day if you are in relatively good shape. Finally, the Peninsula cycle loop has many different options regardless of your experience.

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If your goal this year is to ride your bike throughout Ireland, biking enthusiasts will certainly be impressed. One of the best locations worldwide for spring and summer time biking can always be found in Ireland. Whether you start at the north and work your way down, or start at the bottom and go along the shorelines, you will not be disappointed. Find out more today about the many different options for biking in Ireland this year.

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